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Freelance Nutrition and Health Writing

With all the conflicting information about food and nutrition online right now, it is no wonder consumers are confused. Are you in need of an expert health and nutrition freelance writer who can cut through the clutter and provide evidence-based information that is also useful and engaging?

Laura has over 30 years of experience writing for both consumers and health professionals. She is a contributing writer for GoodRx and Today’s Dietitian and has extensive writing experience for both consumers and health professionals.

Here are some examples of the writing services she provides:

  • Food Retailers: Nutrition education pamphlets, dietitian toolkits including sample social media posts, product information, research reviews, and recipes.
  • Food Companies/Advertising and PR Agencies: Articles and blog posts, product information brochures, white papers, webinars, and product usage pamphlets including recipes and product usage ideas.
  • Online and Print Media: Expert, science-based articles and quotes

If you need someone who will dive in and provide thoroughly researched blog posts or articles, health professional toolkits, or online courses, while giving your brand a fresh voice, let’s chat to see if we are a good fit! Let’s connect!

Recent examples of Laura’s work include:

Easy Ways to Approach Your Metabolic Health” –

Can Bananas Be Good For Weight Loss?” –

Benefits of Time-Restricted Eating” –

Are Nuts Good For Managing Blood Sugar?” –

Hail to Kale” – Today’s Dietitian

9 Best Vegetarian Protein Options” –

Is the DASH Diet Good for Weight Loss?” –

“What is a FODMAP Diet?” – GoodRx

“Meal Planning Software” – Today’s Dietitian

“Itchy Anus (Puritus ani) – Causes and Treatments” – GoodRx

What is Choline? An Essential Nutrient With Benefits” – GNC

Your Guide to Healthy Fats: Types, Healthy Fat Food and Fats to Avoid” – GNC

Functional Training: What is it and Should it be Part of Your Routine?” – GNC

What’s Up with Vitamin D?” – StarKist Co.

What’s it Like Working with Laura?

“Laura is an excellent nutritionist, a reader’s writer, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only does she deliver authoritative, high-quality, well-researched, and engaging content, but she always does so on time, in line with the brief, and on point with style. If you’re looking for health content your readers want to read or recipes your followers will bookmark, hire Laura. I highly recommend her!”

Tyler Einberger, COO & Director of SEO, Momentic

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