"Creating Delicious Solutions for Healthy Lives"

I’m Laura, a food-loving registered dietitian and culinary nutritionist.  My goal is to help everyone enjoy delicious, healthy food! For me, food is not just fuel and nourishment – food is to be savored, shared with family and friends, and enjoyed!  

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Arugula salad topped with grilled peaches

Savory Grilled Peach Salad with Arugula and Toasted Walnuts

What better way to kick off National Peach Month than with a light grilled peach salad? If you have never tried grilling fruit then this salad is the perfect introduction! Why Grill Fruit? Fruit is naturally sweet and delicious on its own, but grilling brings on a whole new level of flavor. When

Bottle of ginger oil

White Balsamic Ginger Vinaigrette

I love to have a variety of salad dressings and marinades on hand and while I always have an Italian or regular Balsamic vinaigrette, I love to mix it up too. In the summer I usually have a citrus dressing ready for salads and as a marinade for fish but sometimes I like

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